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if any of you w126 owners are wondering how to get to eaither your climate control unit or to your window switches, here is how.

1. Put the shifter in N with the PARKING BRAKE ON!!!slide out the ashtray, and lift up on the removable part. You will see two screws in the opening(bronze ones) remove those.

2. with much care you will now be able to remove the entire ashtray assembly, remove the wiring to the ashtray and slide out the lightbulb. Set aside

3.(to remove wood around shifter) NOw you can lift up on the "coin tray"(again VERY carefully)to remove, it will lift up in the front and slide out forward. Set aside

4. YOU can now very carefully slide the wood surrounding the shifter forward untill it comes up freely. DO not force it as there are little plastic clips that hold it in(learned that the hard way)

5.(to remove the wood around the acc unit) I had an aftermarket cd player, so the factory radio may be differant. I slid out the radio(mine just pulls out) and disconnected the wires, set it aside. there are two screws you can see if you look up into the ashtray compartment, remove those(they help to hold the wood in).

6. With those removed, you should be able to very carefully slide the wood downward(WARNING:there are two clips that clip inot the acc unit, you may need to pay special attention to get them out without damage!!)

thats it, i hope i helped someone out, it's much easier to be able to know what your doing then pull on stuff and then figure out what you were SUPPOSED to do.
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