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I had a 95 C36 so I can tell you a bit. First, the rotors and calipers on the front are from the 600sl. The rear rotors and calipers are from the e420. You need at least 17" wheels to clear the calipers, but the offset on the C class is not the same as the SL (which is a 40 mm offset) so even with the 17" wheels, the caliper is right against the inside of the wheel.

The front C36 brakes all have AMG part numbers and you can source data from your local MB dealer to determine what you need to do this swap. I know the brake lines are extremely long, they are not from the SL but are custom AMG items.

As far as I know, there are no A arm differences between the C280 and the C36, not sure about the C220 though. The C36 uses a re-valved Bilstein shock, different springs and different sway bars than the C280.

Good luck
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