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Our '95 C280 did not come with a cupholder, just a bin under the wood cover. I purchased an OEM cupholder from the dealer and it had to be installed from the bottom. As I remember the process to remove the console:
1) Lift the plastic trim around the shift lever - it is held in place by three tabs.
2) Lift and remove the wood trim around the shift lever and remove the plugs from the switches. Remove two screws holding the console (just aft of the shifter).
3) Remove the cubby under the ash tray and remove two screws that lock the rear and front sections of the console together (at the angled seam).
4) Remove two screws from the bottom compartment of the arm rest/console compartment.
5) Slide the front of the console upward along the angled seam - it will move a few millimeters and the dovetail joint will release.
You can now swing the console up at a 90 degree angle to the tunnel and work on it, or you can remove it by fishing out the telephone wiring from the bottom of the rear compartment (if you have the wiring).
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