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When I bought my car last Oct., I noticed that both the upper and lower rad. hoses had Mercedes markings. There was the "Star" and the MB part number starting with my chassis number of 116. I assumed that someone at some point spent some good money and bought OEM replacement hoses from Mercedes, never thinking that they may be original. I replaced them as a "preventative measure", not knowing how old they were. When I took them off and looked inside, they looked perfect, no cracking or peeling or large amounts of residue. I also read that article in the "STAR", and then thought...maybe those are the original hoses. I actually still have them. I too, am use to having hoses only last 4-6 years, not 20 +. The article also mentioned that ..."a life of 20 to 30 years is not uncommon. Because they last so long in normal service, no recommended change interval exists for these hoses. They are fairly expensive, so re-hosing an engine compartment means a big bill. Squeezing the hoses, feeling for soft spots, is about the limit of their preventative maintenance."
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