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My 94 E420 has been spontaneously stalling from time to time. It is pretty random, except for the fact that it never happens at speed. Usually, it is when I am sitting at a stoplight. I almost always have the a/c on out here in California, so that places a little extra load on the engine. Also, it has happened a couple of times when I approach a sharp turn at a decent speed. I think that the combination of falling revs and the extra load of the brakes and power steering sometimes causes the car to stall. My mechanic intends to clean out the throttle body when I bring it in for the 120,000 mile service, but I was wondering what else might help.

I am also dealing with a check engine light which has been well-chronicled here on the forum, but I do not think that the two issues are related.

Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions.
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