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Thanks Paul. I think the condition of that rotor explains why the engine quit on me.

I just did a compression test of all the cylinders and they are within 10 psi of each other 130 to 140 psi.

I also siphoned the expansion tank of the coolant syatem and found that there was not as much oil in there as I expected. Thick and black... enough to coat a finger but only about an ounce of it.

Looks to me like the oil has been in the system for some time and that I just dicovered it as a consequence of the engine quiting on me.

My new ignition parts will be here tomorrow and I'm betting that the engine will purr like a kitten once I get them installed.

If so .... and there is nothing wrong with the head gasget, I 'm wondering if I can return them (I have two sets) to parts shop? Are parts returnable?


PS. As I was typing this UPS pulled up in front of the house and droped off the ignition parts.

Parts shop does it again! Incredibly fast service!

Now to see if I have a kitten under that hood!

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