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This is in regards to a 1984 123 chassis 300D. I’ve been giving some thought to the replacement radiator that I installed. I installed a Behr brand radiator, since it is essentially an OE radiator without the ‘Star’.

I understand that the newer 124 (and 126?) chassis radiators have a metal tube inserted as a reinforcement for the neck. My new Behr radiator for the 123 chassis DID NOT have this reinforcement tube, the neck is *only* plastic like the original one. I am thinking that perhaps this radiator missed a step during manufacturing, or worse, is possibly some type of “second’s” type merchandise.

My Question to anyone that has used a Behr replacement radiator in a 123 chassis 300D:
Did the new radiator have the reinforcement, or did it not have the reinforcement?

Thanks in advance for your replies!

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