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Before I take it in to the dealer to look at, I have a couple of minor questions on the C230.

1) How do I remove the center console wood to get at the broken trunk switch. Couldn't find anything on C consoles in the archives. The dealer can do it, but I don't want the wood messed up.

2) The AC is loud - the air coming out has a loud wind noise that varies randomly up and down, on any blower manual setting, or on auto. Rather like wind going past a partially open window, but coming from the vents. Also a ringing bearing-like noise accompanies this wind noise. Are these normal to the C class?

3)Sometimes the trans downshifts with a clunk just before coming to a stop at a red light, jolting the car. On a 300E I would be worried, but don't know enough about the C230 to say if this is normal or not.

Thanks for any input, I would like to find out if these are common traits before I have the dealer tell me "They all do that", or some other great line.

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