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Thank You M.B.Doc and David! I fixed the center console boot lid switch in about 1 minute. After the switch was out I saw it was sitting up too high, applied some kinetic energy with the palm of my hand which popped it back into place, and now it works perfectly. Of course, this will deprive the dealer of the 1 hour labor and wiring harness/switch charge back to MB/DC on warranty repairs, but oh well .

I will hope their tender mercies on the trans are artfully applied, and will have them check the AC noise.

I ordered a replacement filter for the AC from fastlane, and down loaded the Bosch site pdf file on changing the filter, which they show as being behind the passenger foot well air vent. Everything removed as described, except there was no filter, or filter holder in that position. And unlike the w124, the w202 doesn't seem to have a nice book of 'exploded' diagrams to find the filter location! Well, when the new one gets here, the shape of the filter ought to give me some clues on where it goes - I suspect under the cowling as on the late w124s.

BTW, David, getting time for another SoCal meet? You really have to see some of the 500Es that showed up last time - mirror images of Black/gray and Silver/black. 2 show stoppers!

2003 Firemist Red/grey leather SL 500
2015 Palladium Silver/black mbtex GLK 350
1987 Smoke Silver/burgundy mbtex 300E Sportline (SOLD)

Click to see 87 300E
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