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I didn't see a cabin filter. I followed thedirections of turning the vent screw 90* and removing the vent, then removing the 3 screws on the bottom of the under glove box panel and pulling that. Unless I was looking in the wrong spot, I didn't see a filter. On the other hand, maybe no filter installed is the source of my loud pulsating windy and whining noise!

The Bosch Euro site lists a dual purpose carbon and particulate pollen filter for the C class, with a 9000km change interval. The one I ordered from fastlane is labelled "combo". After it gets here I will tell you what that means. I wrote Bosch/DE regarding sources for the charcoal filter, but never got an answer

I also ordered the replacement stock grill and chrome strips for my body shop to spray matte black like the 300E, and have the tire shop working on some 16" rims. Blackmercedes provided a great source for AMG suspension kits for w202 bodies that will be the third install, right after it goes out of warranty in January.

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