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Hello group,
I have had this intermittent problem since I bought this car and yesterday replaced the kickdown switch on the floor, thought it fixed it but this morning back to not working..The transmission kickdown would only work
intermittently. When it would decide to work it worked great..I figured the first thing I would try was a new switch. Went from not working to working just by popping in the switch, figured that was it..Is the only component
other than the switch the solenoid or is there some "computer box" that controls this? Is the solenoid something I can change myself? I hope someone might have an idea, the car really doesn't have a lot of low end
"git up and go" with out this...Thanks in advance!!!! John
I can't believe the transmission is not even mentioned in the repair manual
PS..I have been told by a couple of other folks that my problem sounds like the "Klima" relay..It does say kickdown on it..
Now..Here is another weird problem the car has had since I bought it that may be related..Every time I stop, then take off from a light with the ac on, about two seconds after taking off the car drags, like the ac compressor is engaging, and it will do this by taking off easy or full throttle...If I turn off the ac it doesn't do it. I can replicate the "feeling" if I turn off the ac, take off then push the ac button..Feels the same..Also when floorboarding it the AC compressor doesn't dis-engage, isn't it supposed to at full throttle? Any ideas? I hate to run out and buy a 100.00 relay and have it not be the problem...Thanks a million!!!! John
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