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Mervyn, which time????? the first time was to see if i could figure out why my interior lights weren't working, and i linked that to the fiber optic cable in the back of the console. Second time, to tidy up some accessory wires. Third time, to fix sunroof switch. Fourth time was to fix the window switch. And finally, the sixth time(i think) to install new wood pieces because mine were broken to crap(it was like that whne i bought it, hence it only took about .2 seconds to take apart, it was only barely sitting in there). Hopefully, since it's all put back together tightly and correctly, i won't have to go in there again for quite a while. Don't even bother asking about door panels........... Mreid, you can leave the switches in the wood but you will need to disconnect the attaching wire harnesses, be careful as figuring out which ones go to which can be a royal pain. It may be different on 86 on up models though.
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