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My first attempt failed mainly because I cannot see much of what I am doing and I am hoping I have the right nuts or bolts.

I attempted your quick method. I pulled shroud up a little and then placed it around the fan blade and a couple of inches back from and off the radiator.

First I loosened the 19 mm nut that sits to the upper right of the tensioner pully. Then I feel and see a smaller nut to the upper left side of the pully. This nut is smaller than a 13 mm. It is a 12 or an 11 mm. So far no luck in getting it loose. Is it a standard threaded nut that simply locks the pully in place or is it an adjustment nut that moves the pully as the wrench turns it? Also what is the size of that small nut?

If I cannot get things loosened up this way.... how do I getthe fan and clutch off? The pully slips on the belt when I put the allen wrench into the center of the clutch. Is it right or left handed thread?

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