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Hi! I'm a new Mercedes owner, and need a little Mercedes specific advice. My '74 230's automatic slips and slides into 2nd (maybe 3rd?) under moderate throttle opening. If I lift the throttle and dip back in the trans grabs fine. Low and reverse are fine and high gear seems to be fine too. I'd like to take care of this before the trans goes south.

The car has 90k original miles, has only very light surface rust in the trunk, and a great body and interior. I don't want this car to die. It's much too nice!

I'm quite good mechanically so don't be afraid of going over my head with advice. I have quite a lot of tools and have access to many more. I'm a car nut and do just about every repair I can on my vehicles. In fact I'm in the process of building a new engine for my race car, but I have to admit that I know very little about my new MB.

Thank you for the message board, and thank you for any and all assistance!

Joshua Skinner
1974 230.4
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