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Thanks for all the input

You know, this web site is the most helpful spot for Mercedes information. I have 270k on my 84 300D with a manual transmission and recently one of my C/V boots started leaking. I was thinking of selling it and buying a 1998-1999 E300 DT. They are still selling for MSRP even with 20-40K miles on them. No deal. Then I thought, who else would have a Turbo Diesel with a 5-spd. Answer: VW. I drive 110 miles each day to/from work and something was appealing about 49 mpg. Test drove the 2001 Golf TDI. The ride does not even compare and they want close to $20k for them.

My solution: Keep the Benz and put a few hundred bucks into a new rear axle and replace the fuel line at the exit of the tank. (Funny coincidence how the first C/V to go was right under the fuel tank.

I really appreciate knowing how easy it is to work on the W123's. As this is my first Benz, I thought they were all like that. I guess not. I kind of like not having a computer on board. Armed only with the Fastlane, Performance Products, and the 123 Maintenance CD, I can get any problem solved within a week and be back on the road. I am so grateful I found a Do-it-Yourself garage in North Olmstead, OH for $7.50/hour lift time.

Some other comments: 270k miles - original windshield is all pitted - I guess I will anty up in the spring and put in new OEM glass.

Ohio climate is starting to rust out my driver's side rear fender and back door. - guess I will undercoat to try and protect.

Anybody know when the official recommendation is by MB for replacing the timing chain?? Can't seem to find that on the CD.


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