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Just off hand I would say replace those things hidden under the injection system such as a couple of rubber vacuum lines, rubber boots connecting intake manifold to injection system, injectors and sleeves, oil pump, water pump, new timing chain and guides, seals in front and back, new ring gear if old one has missing or messed up teeth, while engine is out, replace steering gear if needed, and convert A/C to 134a. Put in 5 year havoline coolant (orange stuff, oh yeah...replace the hoses for bypass that go into the firewall (should be 2?). Anything else that goes wrong is probably accesible after reinstallation of motor.

If you are doing this yourself, make sure that before you torque a bolt into aluminum, if you are working with a 2 inch hole make sure you use a 2 inch bolt. Otherwise shorter bolt will strip the few threads that it engages. If you find it necessary to install any thread inserts to repair a hole, spray paint with zinc chromate before installing (you can find it out at the local airport repair facility).
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