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Well hot damn, you guys were right on the money. My radiator needed replacement, and the ATF leaks have ceased.


The mechanic did a coolant flush, but not thouroughly enough because I still have some droplets of oil floating around in the system. So I plan to do a full citric flush as recommended by the fine experts in this thread.

Now to my questions:

1. Where are all the drain plugs located or is there just one? (to completely drain the system)

2. Once all coolant is drained, I heard I should refill at the top radiator hose, and let overfill at block coolant bolt (next to oil dipstick) to not allow air in system. Does this sound right?

I'm not gonna take any chances so I will flush the system 2 or 3 times to do a thorough job.

If someone could just point me to the coolant drain plug, I think I could figure it out from there.

Thanks again everyone!

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