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I realize that I am not very articulate, but I guess I am really not doing well on this, or maybe everyone is not reading everything that I'm keying in.

I must not have made it clear that I do worry about my timing chains and check for stretch reasonably often. I guess that didn't come across very clearly, because surely no one would respond without reading ALL of a post first. When I see a stretched chain, or other indications of the need for a new chain, I roll one in as well as replacing whatever components seem flaky.

My point is that I don't just roll one in because the car has traversed a certain number of miles, or the phases of the moon indicate it.

Taking this approach, I have yet to lose a chain OR an engine.

If these were belts, I would be replacing them more frequently than the manufacturer indicates because I have no way of inspecting them.

If you would rather roll in a new chain than inspect and measure, I say that you should go for it. BTW, do you know how to check a timing chain for stretch?

Have a great day,
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