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Synthetics are a blessing to most any engine. Some may argue that you will notice leaks outside the engine after switching. Actually if one looks closely at the dip stick upon first extraction from the engine, one will notice the oil has gravitated up the dipstick. This is because the oil is formulated to acquire a surface tension that enables it to gravitate and coat the inside of the engine. I like this 'seek out and coat' property of the synthetics. Of course, some dino oils are formulated this way, too, but the synthetics have this and a lot more going for them. This property explains why you may see leaks. On the otherhand, you can therefore be assured the inside is protected as well. I use Mobil 1 in several vehicles as well as an '81 380SL. Wal-Mart sells the 5 qt. container for 17.88.
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