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I have a 1987 190 European spec model. A/C control panel is different than US models. I work in Kuwait and A/C is a life or death matter. The A/C performance is almost adequate now for summer temps in Kuwait(after system flush and compressor, drier and expansion valve change) but have some little things that just bug me. My temperature slider control does not affect the temperature of cold air from the vents(it has never worked since I have had the car) What is this slider actually supposed to do to the system to change the temperatue of the air. I noticed in the wiring conduit that goes to the A/C clutch that there are 2 wires that have been cut in the past and are not connected to anything. I have a wiring schematic but no luck finding these wires. When I turn the blower up to 3 or 4 the temperature of the air becomes much warmer. When I have to sit at a light for over a couple of minutes the temperature of the air rises dramatically, this has always been a problem but not as bad as it was before the recent maintenance.
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