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Replaced my steering damper & idler arm bush yesterday

Hi Sixto and Stan,

I had my steering damper and idler arm bush (idler arm repair kit) replaced yesterday, but the groaning sound still stays.

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For those who are curious as to whether it's time for them to replace their steering damper/idler arm bush, let me say this: Go do it and you'll be VERY pleasantly surprised! Trust me. My original damper has lost so much of the shock absorbant property, and the idler arm bush took a considerable amount of effort to yank it out. Must have been there for a good 18 years!! Can you imagine that? The rubber bushings have dried up, as expected. This job is quite an easy job though, very cheap too, at least for me here in Singapore. Damper cost me USD$9, and the idler arm repair kit also cost USD$9. Now the steering feels great, no longer "loose" and it wanders so much less than previously. There is much more "feel" in the steering now, it feels like new. Go do it!

Sixto, yes, I'm from Singapore, have you been here? And where are you located? Anyway, thanks for the Idler Arm R&R.

1983 W126 (280SEL)
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