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My 91 European version 300CE (104 Motor) has trouble starting once the engine is warm. The symptoms are as follows

1. Always starts on the first crank when cold.

2. Always starts and stalls if warm and sitting for more than 30 minutes (Will start and run perfect on the second crank)

3. Always starts on the first crank if warm but has been sittting less than 30 minutes.

* All starts are with no foot on the pedal.

** Turning the key to on and waiting for 20 seconds has no effect.

*** If I give the motor a little throttle once the engine catches, It will stay running on the first start. I have to give it enough throttle to rev to about 1500 rpms and let it down easily or it will stall.

**** The car seems to run a little rich.

I'm pretty sure this is fuel related but any help on where to start diagnosing this problem would be greatly appreciated.


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