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A call for technical papers/informed-opinions for 110 motor heads and related experts.

Problem. 2.5 years ago I made a wholesale replacement of all cooling lines, gaskets, seals, and waterpump. These where all either MB or OEM. No "cheap" stuff. The only thing I did not replace were the 4 sealing rings used to seal the small bypass pipe (two at each end). This is the pipe that goes from the thermostat housing to the waterpump housing.

For other reasons, Yesterday, I was in that part of the engine and I noted the tailtell sign of coolant leak (that MB light orange color. It did it's job). Upon further investigation, the leak was so slow, and still moist in some areas I'm having a heck of a time telling where it occurred.

So, I've pulled it ALL apart and am going to replace the gaskets again, AND locate new sealing rings. Per a number of MB techs, I normally don't use gasket seal, but am sure tempted to use Permatex Aviation gasket seal this time. This is not a fun job as it requires the harmonic balancer to be pulled.

THoughts please... Gotchas, undocumented processes, etc
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