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Good day to all,

I was lucky to get my 300TE home from the ocean without a tow this weekend as I felt the tranny shifter bushings letting go on the last day of vacation. I have new bushings but wouldn't you know it, I lent my manual cd's to a friend and they're not with me. I've also got the paper manuals for engine and chassis (I and II) but I don't think the tranny info is in there. Any tips on the bushing changeout would be appreciated. I remember hearing it's very tight to replace them in-situ, but it can be done.

My other question is on my chain tensioner. I'm replacing it and I wanted to know if the inner fastener holding the piston in is standard hex (allen) or if it's something funky that is going to stop me cold when I get in there. I have a 14 mm allen socket and all of the standard smaller ones (3 through 8, I think). The manual says nothing about pre-lubing the tensioner on re-install as is done on the diesels, is this ok? Just put it in and start the car?

Thanks for any responses.
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