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Transmission 722.6 C36

Well I got my 97 C36 722.6 transmission rebuilt.

The shop told be the reason for my transmission needing rebuilding so early, is due to an over heating of the transmission fluid from being on the tracks. They said I burnt some bearings. They STRESS the need for my 722.6 transmission to have an additional transmission oil cooler.

Well. I took a look at the factory one, and it looks like in can handle the job.

-QUESTION for Gilly,
Do you agree that I should add an additonal trany oil cooler?
What is the color of the "life-time-fill" trany fluid?

I want to make sure the shop put in the nice expensive 722.6 trany fluid, and didn't go cheap on me by giveing me normal ATF, then force me to get an additional trany cooler.
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