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Stan: Thanks, I'm going out of town tomorrow so the car's just gonna be sittin in the driveway, but I'll make sure to check that when I get back.

Benz-LGB: I bought four "freeway blaster horns" I think they were called for like $12 apeice at an auto parts store. All four of them combined aren't as loud as my stock horn, but the goal wasn't for volume, even thought they are pretty loud. I got two of a high frequency, and two of a low frequency.

I mounted them on the passenger side of my engine compartment using the brackets that came with them. There's a rather large space that's just sheetmetal, and there's enough room for all four with no problems.

I then hard-wired them to my battery, and wired two switches (one for high, one for low) into the plastic panel way under my dash so I wouldn't damage anything visable. I ran the wires through the grommett on the drivers side.

With the seperate switches for each frequency, I can do any pattern I want between the two, and even combine them with my stock horn.

The whole cost me about $50 and an hour or two to install, it was well worth it. I love my horns, they always make people turn around, and they're usually surprised to see it coming from a mercedes.
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