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Randall Grubbs
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Yes. All warning lights work as designed. I'm thinking (although I have no basis for it) that in a real panic situation they momentarily lock up but then go into ABS mode. One of two things is probably happening: 1) I'm not on the brakes long enough to tell if the ABS is working, or 2) the ABS is working and I can't tell. I need to do the wet parking lot test.

The locked brakes situation is just momentary, enought to hear a short squeal (more than a chirp). But, when I was on the freeway I had no problem steering to the left shoulder as far as I could get over without leaving the pavement. I had total control. I'm sure I had my foot on the brake the whole time until the truck swerved back into his lane. Does the ABS in a '94 Mercedes cause the pedal to pulse?

'94 E500
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