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Your data or interpretation of it is wrong. A 98 ML communicates with all modules except the transfer case on hardwire. The individual modules communicate with each other over CAN (controller area network).

So the CAN codes you are getting either refer to CAN or other controller codes or the controller isn't talking. If the trans controller isn't talking it would need various testing to see if it were defective. If its not talking it couldn't tell you it had CAN codes.

The question that needs to be answered is: whcih controller was talking when it said there was lack of CAN communications AND who did that controller say it couldn't talk to.

Stated differently, the CAN is not necessary for the scanner to talk to the various controllers. The trans controller needs engine data which it gets over the CAN. So if one can talk to the trans controller and it states it has CAN codes, I see no reason to blame the controller. The problem would be CAN or the engine controller.

If you are getting all the shifts, I doubt the CAN codes have anthing to do with your problem. A competent analysis of the adaptation data from the trans controller is required and possibly a removal of the pan for inspection of the fluid.
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