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Post Torque / Tension Control: General Data

Originally Posted by mpolli
Thanks whunter. Those are good short explanations. One question I have always had is about thread lubrication. As one of the links mentioned, the lubrication of the thread affects the final torque reading a lot. However it is almost never specified in any manual I have seen. It just lists the torque.

Torque / Tension Control: General Data

What is Torque?

Dynamic Coatings, Inc.

Perfect Engine Sealing Starts With Proper Head Bolt Use by Larry Carley

Torque Modifiers: Waxes, Lubes and Specialty Chemicals By Thomas S. Doppke
Technical Presentations Co. Sterling Heights, Michigan

Fasteners: Talking Torque

Fatigue of Threaded Fasteners - ASM International.


Fasteners 101 - Torque Setting - Ti64

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