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A sad day for me...

Hey guys, I just posted a few weeks back about my cd player for my 1992 400E. We've had the car for almost 9 years and today I got into an accident. It's the fourth one in ten years. Of course the first one I've had in the car...then again I've only been driving for 2 years since I'm only 18 I was in the right land, merged into the left lane but a pickup truck came into my lane right after I merged, he slammed his brakes because the car in front of him had done the same. There was no way I could have stopped, hit him at around 55mph. The hood totally crumpled, the raditator was oozing liquids, the car was smoking. The grille was gone, the entire front end up until the engine was totallly destroyed! This is all in the engine bay, the bumper is all intact. Sadly the Mercedes dealer was closed so I have to have it towed there tomorrow morning. The other accidents weren't nearly as bad as this. I just hope they can fix it all for under 7200 bucks because anything more then that, it'll cost more then the car. The right door is jammed shut because it seems the the frame moved in to cut off the hinges. The door can barely be opened, maybe 1 inch and then the hinges won't give anymore. I'm getting this sickening feeling that the door, radiator, and other things will cost more then 7200 dollars... Hopefully I will find out soon. I loved that car, it was our family treasure and out first Mercedes-Benz. I had 150000 miles on it, just a few measly thousand miles short of the 155000 mileage club! Do you think Mercedes will give it to me out of pure pity? For all of you who've lost a Benz, I'm starting to realize what you've been through
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