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Originally posted by jfujimoto

I've been planning to do the same on my '85 190E. I don't have the special tools as required in the MB repair CD. Can you tell me how you did it?

Jeff, I don't have the MB manual, just a $13 Haynes for the wrong year, so I wasn't hampered by knowing what tools I didn't have!

Put the front up on jackstands, removed the right front wheel for improved access to slide into position.

The heat shield removes with a 10mm box wrench on a nut and a screw, and I used a box wrench to hold the idler's through-bolt upper head while using a socket and ratchet on the bottom nut. Slip the bolt up and out, and the idler arm pivots aside without removing the tie rod or tranverse rod.

I gripped the lower bushing with a pair of offset slip-joint pliers, and gently worked it out. Then I inserted a socket on an extension into the idler bushing tube and tapped out the upper bushing.

I inserted the new upper bushing and 'pulled' it down as far as I could, then the lower one, and pushed it up until seated. Then the new bolt through the idler arm, spacer, and dust cap into the upper bush, through the lower bush, dust shield, and new locknut. Tightened, forcing the upper bushing to seat, then torqued to spec. Took about an hour total, taking it slow and easy.

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