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"I am also scheduled to have the Trap recall done this feb."
Nasty Trap! I had an '87 300D turbo that ran so BAD after rebuilding the engine I almost gave it to charity. Turned out the trap was plugged.
There seems to be no end to problems associated with the trap.
The turbo can also give similar sluggish and fuel rich exhaust symptoms, and the turbo wastegate can get jammed up with carbon and thereby allowing boost to go out the opening and that will make a 603 run very poorly.
You probably have an exhaust related problem, I'd bet either the turbo or the trap or both are involved.
Also don't worry about "getting into the turbo until warmed" These engines like to be driven hard, maybe the oil needs to warm up if your real cold (as it is most winters in WY, right?)
this is also referrd to as an Italian tune up. The worst diesels are those driven by a conservative driver who never lets it rev up good!
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