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Originally Posted by nuckingfuts
Brian, I've been having the same problem and here are the answers.
1) smoke is black sometimes after warm it has a blue tint
2)less smoke at high rpm's but only after the car gets to 85c
3)smoke smells like diesel and very strong
4)one quart of oil (rotella 15w-50) every 3500 miles
5)coolant consumption is perfect. I replaced the radiator and aux water pump 4000miles ago and since it has not come off the mark in the tank. Yes i do have the #14 head coolant is perfect color and tests to -30.
6) I had a shop adjust the injection pump timing and the alda. As I found out the alda and the turbo overload switch were not properly hooked up. I have had a furious decrease in fuel economy since. I am also scheduled to have the Trap recall done this feb. I have been through the EGR post and have done the "BB" fix yet I have not taken the egr off to make sure it is closed all the way.
The fact that it does not use oil or coolant is a significant benefit and rules out a bunch of things.

Clearly it is using more fuel than needed and putting out less power than acceptable and shows a rough idle. These first two symptoms are usually mutually exclusive. My thinking is that one, or more than one of the injectors is dripping or putting out a horrible pattern and the fuel is not burning anywhere near proper.

Pull all six injectors and have them tested for pop pressure and spray pattern. If you can't find someone local to do it at a good price, one of our members will do it for $3. per injector. He did mine on the 617 and found one that was NG. He couldn't fix it and I had to get another one. Now, this bad injector didn't cause too much havoc with the 617, but, I'd bet the 603 would be far less tolerant.

Having the trap on there is another variable that is unknown. Get that taken care of ASAP. There might be backpressure in the exhaust causing an issue.

Make SURE that the turbo is checked for bearing clearance and/or damage to the impeller blades. The dealer replaced the trap on the '87 of mine but did not do the turbo. The trap damaged the turbo to the point where it was not rotating. The oil consumption was astronomical.
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