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1993 300E 2.8 MAF sensor?

Hello all my first post to the forum hope you can help

Yesterday my 300 started idleing very erratic , and also a huge hesitation when accelerating , sometimes it would dissapear but then return

Took it to a local shop who is knowledgeable but expensive(the owner was very helpful when i redid the top end of my 190e myself)

His scanner shows a bad MAF sensor code , but he is saying o2 sensor could be bad also , he quoted $450 for the maf replacement ,i know this is a simple swap ie hose clamo etc .

I came home removed the sensor check for possible dirt or obstructions , none . also removing the plug to sensor during idle does not change the condidtion still erratic . (any limp home on this system)?

any voltage or ohm checks i can perform to verify this is bad ? should i check anything else before i replace it? what should i be spending on a new bosch replacement?

any help appreciated

john derosa
1985 190 2.3
1993 300e 2.8
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