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[QUOTE]Originally posted by jfujimoto
[B]Aloha Steve,

BTW, does your drag link have any play while the car's on the ground? Mine does.

Jeff, the only lateral 'free-play' I diagnosed was the idler arm. With the new bushings, there is no feel of this, but there is some degree of wheel movement possible against resistance of the steering linkage. Very different feel than before, though you can see vertical deflection of the idler when this happens. Note that the engineering purpose of the rubber in the idler bushings is not just noise and shock isolation from the passenger compartment. They also absorb impact transmitted to the linkage, helping thus to reduce wear on the linkage pivot points. A small amount of flex is thus to be expected.

There is still a small amount of free-play when you grasp the top of the tire and shake in-and-out. This is from the strut, I believe, and I don't notice problems from this while driving.

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