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I looked into having a non-MB power flushed recently as this vehicle has no drain plug in the pan and for a multitude of design reasons, is very difficult to do a fluid change on.

Valvoline fluid change center rep hands me a waiver to sign that absolves them from any liability. Power flushing has an unfortunate tendency to break things (dirt) loose. A speck of dirt can kill a tranny. I said thanks, but no thanks and went about the drudgery of doing it myself.

I don't know about your MB, but mine has a drain plug on both the pan and the converter. I can drain the entire system, at least I think I'm draining it all.

Stu Ritter of the Ritter-Easley list commented on your situation several months ago. According to Stu, a delay of about 2 or more seconds was indicative of a tired transmission.
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