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If you have witnesses who saw it and can claim you were not at fault you might just be ok. Just be careful.

I had an accident that took 5 years to settle. I ended up with 17k in my pocket after 5 years, and that was after all the attorneys fees and medical and car repairs.

If I did not have a witness who saw the accident and saw it wasn't my fault, I would have lost the case.

When my MGB got totalled, I had witnesses, but the other driver admitted fault right away anyway, so no witnesses were needed.

I agree that this sounds shady to me. My brother was the victim of a staged accident (he is 18 driving a range rover). I guess some people just think that they can get away with staging an accident. Luckily for my brother, a witness saw the guy blatantly cause the accident, so my brother won the case.

I have had several people try to make me hit them since I got my benz. I have had people slam on their brakes in front of me for no reason at all. Luckily I have abs and do not speed too often.

Staged accidents are the worst.

But I hope this little story will make you feel better.

10 years ago my dad was sideswiped by a 1968 ford pickup truck which had a trailer. My father was driving his rolls at the time. The rolls had over $35k in damages to the car, not to mention my fathers medical.

Not only did he get paid out to repair the car, but he got paid for the medical, his atty fees, and he got the ins co to pay out for rental of a rolls for 6 months, which was like an extra $30k in fees for a rental. His reason for the rolls rental? Why should he have to drive anything that is of less prestige than his car? well they bought it and he made tons of cash on the deal. he eneded up getting the car fixed for around $12k and bought a used bmw to drive for 6 months then sold it for more than he paid for it.

He still has the rolls today, and it still looks and drives great. BTW he has been in several accidents with that rolls, and he keeps fixing it and driving it. It still looks like a million bucks.

I think you should definately make sure you speak with an attorney immediately. And if selling your parents on a used car is tough, make sure they know that a used benz is pretty much as good as a new one if it has been well cared for.

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