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Thanks for the words of encourgement. I wish I had witnesses but the accident was on the highway. As soon as I stopped the car, I jumped out to inspect it and started calling people on my cellphone, so I don't think anyone thought we needed help. But this entire injury claim is bogus IMHO. An ambulance stopped to see if we needed help and the guy said he was fine. He told the cops the same thing. It's just when you are hit by a kid in a Mercedes, his family shows up in another start getting ideas. I have talked to my lawyer and I'm going to appeal. I'm not going to just let it go, if I have to go down, I'm going down fighting! I still don't see why he needed to slam his brakes, he never hit the car in front of him. And to say that a Dodge pickup (It was a mess) has better brakes then a Mercedes is a joke! Hopefully my 400E will be fixed, the body shop said it can easily be fixed but I haven't got an estimate yet. Well, back to my 89 Camry. The good thing about driving the Camry is that I appreciate the 400E so much more now
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