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The codes are probably PO170 and PO173. I think these may be misfire codes, but am not sure. If the engine runs OK, and I am correct about what the codes mean, it may need a control module. I think the PO170 is a misfire TWC damaging, a "general" misfire code, and the PO173 refers to cyl 3 misfiring. There were some problems with the early 112 engines running too lean on start-up, it will act really doggy when first started. You'll get these misfire related codes when it does this. I'd have a dealer check it out, they may be able to cover it for you.
If the tech said something about self-adaptation being at limit at part-load, then the code may be pertaining to the mixture self-adaptation, or "block-learn" in generic nomenclature, being as far either rich or lean as it can go. The problem then is usually the mass air flow sensor.
If no one else has any ideas, I'll try to post a more positive answer on friday night.
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