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'91 190E 2.3 exhaust vibration

My continuing saga of trying to work out the bugs in this 190E 2.3 we acquired.

While the car was up in the front for suspension work, I noticed a 'heat shield' over the exhaust pipe just south of the downpipe - just rearward of the idler arm. It had been attached to the pipe by crimps at its seams welded to corresponding crimps on the exhaust - and they have broken loose. The shield now vibrates around on the pipe with an annoying sound. I tried jamming it to the pipe and sealing with muffler cement, but it broke again free after a few miles of driving.

Is this a common problem, and is there a good CHEAP solution (it may annoy the neighbors in the morning, but with the windows up I can barely hear it)? Would JB Weld hold better? should I try to drill a small hole trough the rather deteriorated pipe and shield crimps and pop-rivet them? Any advice appreciated.

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