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Thank you
Stan Pittman
for the information.
The technician was scaring me telling me that the code meant that the engine was excessively worn which didn't give me confidence in the guy, as the car ran perfectly despite the codes.

He did say he wanted to replace the mass air flow sensor and go from there

I told him that I had gone in a web chat room and it seemed that the air sensor sounded ok. I also told him that someone had eluded to PO173 referring to the cyl 3 misfiring so I asked if this could be the problem. He said that the computer would tell him exactly that and it wasn't the case.
He thought it was a vacuum leak on the left bank (I hope his pride isn't getting in the way, it's just that the car has been in the shop since Monday and I'm getting a little tired)
He seems to be honest on the parts. He was telling me the sensor was $300 but who knows what the labor will be.

Can someone give me more details on PO173 and to what it is all about (what specific parts).

Ah yes! I also have a HI oil light that comes on
and he says that it is a bad sensor on the motor
as the oil level is between the hi and low mark on the dip stick
He was replacing that and the air sensor today.
Too bad M.B DOC's message hadn't come in earlier.

That's life I guess
Thanks again for the help

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