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I replaced the gasket on my M119 (5.0 liter) and still have a small drip forming. I can tell you the gaskets will tear very easily if you just go in there and give it a turn or two.

You probably have the same situation I had/have, the areas around the bolt holes are deformed from mechanics and such giving that little extra turn I just mentioned.

The solution- remove again (another $21 if you tore it or damaged it) and hammer the pan mating surface completely flat. I did this and still had slight leak, but several of the holes are hard to straighten in the corners, I still haven't had the time to go in there and correct the leak.

One more thing, you might try and very thin coating of gasket sealer on both sides of the gasket when and if you decide to correct/straighten the pan.

Good Luck!
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