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Unhappy Warm Air Through Vents

Just bought a 1978 280SL (Euro). Love the auto, but I don't have an operator's manual. Hot air blowing out through vents (it's early August in New England), and can't seem to figure out the controls. I have two levers side by side on each side of the dash that slide up and down. One marked red and one marked white for each side. I have a round motor control knob and another knob that I believe is for A/C. Also have a lever that must be for recirc or outside air. Is there a place to get an owner's manual or some kind of help on understanding my heating and ventilating controls? I feel like a fool asking for this, but my first buy of a German-made car. And I've fooled around enough to think that maybe it's not just the controls, but a bigger problem. Pretty sure the A/C isn't working. Maybe needs a new charge (or worse). Would that adversely affect my heating/ventilating? Any ideas? Thanks for help.
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