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Minor problems but annoying(A/C, sunroof, passenger window)

Hello everyone. This site is great, and I spent hours reading all the posts. First and foremost, I think that there is no substitute for a Mercedes. I bought mine used 4 years ago with 80K miles, and picked it over a 95 Acura Legend with only 42K miles because after test driving both, I couldnt see myself driving another car....

Well, after 4 years, and relatively no problems, those little things are starting to annoy...

Most importantly, the A/C. The AC blows out nice and cool, except that after the car warms up, the middle vents will cut out, and the air is diverted to the defrost vents...And they will come back on intermittently especially when Im at a stop light....but, as soon as I press the gas, they go out...Please help me with this problem(Im in Austin, and we have had 21 straight days of 100 plus weather) I had this similar problem last summer, and when I took it to the shop, they replaced the A/C filter, and it fixed it....needless to say, I replaced the filter this year, but it didnt help.

Secondly, the sunroof. It always sticks when it gets 3/4's closed, and when its closed, the pop up option doesnt work....any suggestions?

Lastly,(i promise)...The passengers side window...when you roll it down, it is loose, and opens crooked, like its not attached correctly to the remote it easy to get to? Or should I have the dealer fix it?

Thanks in advance. Im sorry for the long email.
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