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260e euro model high running temperature


Unlike temperatures in the US at summertime, our temperatures in Ireland rarely rise above 24 c in summer. The gauge reads 90 after 3 mins driving rising to between 100 c and 110 c . Prior to changing thermostat and coolant last week it was operating between 80 c and 100c but in stop/go traffic it rose to 110 c. There was no sign of it cooling down and on past experience with a similar vehicle I pulled over to let it cool down.

I have replaced the viscous coupling fan,thermostat and checked all other obvious signs. Could you or any other member clarify the following:

1. If I am sitting in traffic for an extended period should I see the needle coming down or hold steady.

2. Is there any noticable change in running sound as the fan engages.

Incidentally our local MB Service garage do not sell the red/orange antifreeze nor ever heard of it. They sell green/blue MB antifreeze Part No Z8003 69600. I'm bewildered. Please help.
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