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Thank you M.B.DOC
then I guess the tech is on the money with what he is telling me
You are restoring my confidence in him.
His problem is that he is not fast with repairs.
It is just that in the 3 weeks that I have the car 2 of them have been in the shop
First week he change steering damper, centerlink assembly, tie rod, and bushing

Now he will also change the universal joint between the steering wheel and gear box.
It has play that you can feel on the steering , the part should be in today
Rear shock are also finished. I will change them myself, over the weekend. I got them from Thepartsbin ,cool place.

This 280 is in Florida. The roads here are nice and flat, is this normal wear on a Benz of 57K ?

and now the check engine light I am starting to wonder if I can afford this for long, hope this Benz is not a money pit

again a must thank you for your help it is greatly appreciated

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