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Mine never did what you're describing. Rather it worked perfectly for 120,000 miles (fluid changed at 75k) and then died. I was moving at speed in fifth gear and pushed the accelerator to get fourth. It slammed into fourth and then stayed there the rest of my trip (limp home mode). Parked and came back later still in limp home mode but now only second gear. The tow was a couple hundred bucks plus (this is a guess) about $1,200 for my indie to replace (I think) the valve body and control module. It's worked fine since then.

From what I've been told you've done the right thing by changing the fluid. I'm not sure, and perhaps this is the real question here, but until it breaks, there's nothing else for you to do. Is yours under dealer-backed warranty?

You don't by chance feel like mailing me your MAS so I can test mine against a known good one do you?

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