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From afar there is only one real answer; dump the wheels. Ride height affects alignment and alignment can effect the tire clearance differences, BUT! It will not cause vibrations.

There is no way you will be able to keep those wheel tire packages from shaking. THE SUSPENSION WAS NOT DESIGNED FOR THE LOADING. It can work with new tires for short period. if you only drive freeways it can last longer. If you drive city streets the front end caster will cause scalloped edges even if you continuously rotate (at least every 1000mi). This tire wear is exaggerated on the cheap aggressive tires most people buy after spending all that money on rims. If you put a set of Michelin MXM Pilots the shake will stay away longer, but they won't go 30k.

They sure do look good but they really ruin a fine car. One tire size or wheel dia change is all I recommend. A total of two (one of each will also work- I think this is about what the 210 chassis E430 uses.
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