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I didn't want to get into my opinions of lowering as the question revolved around the shaking, I thought. MB has decided to accept the money people wish to blow making their cars handle like race cars. It does not mean that it will be acceptable to any but diehards. There just isn't any way for one to have it both ways.

As I pointed out there are ways to minimize the problems. I have lived with high speed low profile tire problems with my 928 for 15 years (only 55k miles and 4 sets of only the best Pirelli's then Michelins - the Michelins are by far the best for my purposes. Most of these tires were replaced because they performed poorly- not wear). I was really glad when my 97 540i handled so well (lack of shake criteria) at speed with 16in 55 series tires. To me it is more important to be smooth at 85+ than to be able to go around corners a tenth of a "G" faster.

The 210 chassis may be better able to handle the extra weight and adhesion of the larger wheel/tire combination. I can tell you from a lot of experience the 124 chassis will not take those tires without continual suspension problems: bushing wear, shaking, alignment, balance and tire maintenance, etc.
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