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Dangerous Dean
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Eloectrical Problem with 1986 190E 2.3

I have a curious problem that occurred with my 190E. First off the Fan Blower speed switch was jammed; so I replaced that with a new one from your parts department. Fan speed works as advertized now. However, if the Defrost button is pressed or either the airconditioning or max airconditioning button is depressed the motor will stall (with any fan speed selected).
If I increase RPM and attempt to turn on the air conditioning or the defroster, the RPM immediately drops and the engine stalls.
I am going friggin crazy here. I changed the .2 ohm resistor block and the A/C relay both to no avail. I need some help here.
By the way if the Defroster or A/C is left alone and any other combinations of fan speed or directional air or temp is selected all is normal. Need Help ASAP. Thanks.
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